Ramping Up

Posted on March 15th 2018

Ramping up for riding and events this spring and summer. We wanted to get get started earlier this year, so we got out while there was still snow and ice on the ground to put a couple miles up. We currently have a couple goals going through Endomondo, a 100km (61.5m) for walking and hiking, and a 500km for riding outside. We initially had them at public, however we kept getting members that had already beat them joining so we made them private and by invite only.

We have a couple volunteering events that are coming up, Arbor Day 2018 with Billings Park and Rec and Great American Cleanup with Bright and Beautiful Billings. These are two of our favorite groups to volunteer for because of all the great things they do around Billings. There was a celebration for the 2,050 volunteers who have dedicated 21,454 hours of service to the City of Billings at various departments including Billings Parks and Recreation, Billings Community and Senior Center, Billings Public Library and Billings Police Crime Prevention Center. In 2017, these individuals made a financial impact of $517,905 to the City of Billings; it was great to be a part of those efforts. For 2018 we are getting a good start for the events, we shall see what 2018 holds and maybe we can get even more.

We had some of the images we took for Arbor Day 2017 put in print, which is a first. There were two that made it in the final print (page 17 and 34).

Stay Tuned for more details and pictures.