It's Winter... Again!!!

Posted on January 1st, 2018

Happy New Years Everyone :) ... I hope your 2018 is filled with adventure and successes.

Winter is here again in Montana, it's been another heavy snow record this year and snow is everywhere. We went out walking today for New Years, I got to enjoy one of my cigars (Copper Label) on the walk, it was a great day, super slick outside too. I took a slight tumble but not enough of one to disrupt my ash haha. It was a small trek through snow banks and across 2-3 foot areas, which are normally just grass, I was going to take the camera, but didn't want to expose it to the temp for long durations, maybe get in the van and head out, it's a Wolf Moon or Super Moon tonight.

We will be obviously walking instead of riding over the winter break, we might be able to get some rides in; our town is getting a little better with snow removal but from our walk today, there wasn't one sidewalk plowed. I need to get my hands on a atv with plow and be a local hero. :) haha

We didn't make a couple of our goals, and we both know why. Our 1000kStrong is a lofty goal and one we keep missing, this year more than last but again we could have gotten a lot closer with everything that still has happened. We set the 100km and 500km; we are getting out even when it's 2-3 feet of snow outside so we shall see how the goals pan out this year. #doubledown We ended with a mere 247 miles but are going at 2018 with a far better strategy than 2017. :) All about adapting and over coming, otherwise goals would be too easy to get.

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