Craiglist Score

Craigslist Score

Who says Craigslist isn't still useful? Normally I would be it seems that we found a good score on here that wasn't an bogus advertisement. I keep an eye out for anything that people are trying to get rid of quickly, I've landed a couple cool projects and some extra cast from extra stuff I've found on Craigslist.

We had to drive a little bit to get these but it was totally worth it, I was able to get front brakes on my bike and Cera was able to get her horns and the mirror installed. When we are riding out in rural roads, the mirror is very nice to get a look without having to actually turn your head. Riding at night it isn't as hard because it's really obvious when a vehicle is coming but during the day time a car or truck can sneak up on you.

I have to say for the most part drivers in Montana are nice to riders, and create a space enough that I and Cera have felt safe, and that says something since she doesn't like riding really close to vehicles driving 55 MPH and who can blame her. The 'WHooooosh' of a 18 wheeler just a couple feet can be unnerving, but it's nicer when you can see them coming.

It's nice being able to stop as well, Im trying to crest the 30 MPH limit and brakes are oddly an important component to going fast.