They Called Me "Will"

They Called Me "Will"

I can't believe my luck sometimes, sometimes good and sometimes just classic bad. The Geico pigeons where visiting Billings today, they sat along the pole lines on our ride today; we were wrapping up a 100 mile goal with a visit to Wendy's.

I dont know if everyone has seen or knows of the pigeon commercial from Geico; the one with “Fire at Will” statement, and then some comical words between pigeons. If you have not seen it before, here it is. Worth the watch I think.

So we had a nice dinner at Wendy's, it's another date place that we ride up to when we just want to get outside and a frosty to celebrate meeting out 100 mile a month goal. Im all about enjoying life, so if I ride just to offset it by an enjoyable frosty, that is still success (haha #winatlife). One the way back I get bombarded by these pigeons and Cera calls out “They have dubbed you “Will”, and we had a good laugh about it. Everyone gets a road name and is mine Will? Only time will tell if it sticks; I think it's normally nature or circumstances that defines each adventure name so the outlook is good. haha Cera got a series of pictures that is classic me being a goof about it. :)